Taco LocoWhen it comes to quality street tacos in Anderson, Calif., whether out of a truck or in a restaurant, Fernando Romo, or “Taco Guy” as he is known to the locals, is the man with the plan — and the passion.

Romo is so widely known by his other name, his family questions whether he knows everyone in the community. He may not know all of them, but seemingly they know him. And the nickname is fitting. You can find him with his Taco Loco food truck or El Paraiso Mexican restaurant doing what he loves, cooking some of the best food around.

“I feel we are very popular in the community,” he said. “When I jumped into this business, I did it full force and gave it 100 percent. So far, it’s worked.”

Taco Loco began in 2010 when Romo’s previous job as a production manager evaporated. And those searching for quality Mexican food in Anderson are glad for the career switch.

A combination of a secret recipe and persistence have led this passionate foodie to develop a winning business model and bring a lot of smiles to customers.

“Everything on the menu is my favorite to prepare,” the Taco Guy boasts. “If I don’t enjoy making it, then it shouldn’t be on the menu.”

On that menu are traditional street tacos with meat, cilantro, onion, and green or red sauce. Traditional burritos as well as a variety of wet burritos that are his own creation.

The creativity doesn’t stop with the food. Romo recently completed the design and launch of his new food truck. He purchased an empty box truck and built everything on his own, much to the delight of his regular clients.

When it comes to both the food and the truck, he couldn’t be happier. And the Taco Guy uses that passion to keep delivering those smiles.

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