Slyderz Grill

Slyderz GrillBy nature, I would guess standing in line is on everyone’s list of least favorite things to do. That is unless you are waiting for something that is totally worth the wait. When waiting means anticipation of something great, people will happily share their justification for showing patience, especially when great food is at the end of that wait. This was my first experience with Slyderz food truck in Chico.

When I first started talking about opening a Food Truck Pod, I kept hearing about the Slyderz truck on multiple occasions. Curiosity won, so I found out where the truck was located in Chico and set out on a taste test to see what all the buzz was about.

A line of about 25 people greeted me at the Slyderz truck upon my arrival to Chico, which was a short line according to a man also standing in line. In fact, his exact quote was, “Oh man, this ain’t nothin’ — they’re fast, but if you want Slyderz, you gotta wait.” And so, I waited.

When you make great tasting food, people don’t mind the wait. And the best part is that unlike a fast-food stop, true “foodies” will make that wait seem shorter with their usual description of what this great food tasted like the first time they tried it, hence the line. The wait becomes part of the experience.

My taste test generally starts with the same order at the window. “Make me your best item,” I say. And on this occasion the burnt end slyder was well worth the wait and did not disappoint. In fact, it was to die for. Taste test passing grade for sure.

The next week I caught up with Slyderz owner, David Forster. I was blown away with his dedication for food and the desire to have people enjoy the food he makes.

He writes the following about that passion.

“Over the years, food trucks have become more and more gourmet, providing customers with better quality food than most restaurants. Food truck owners like the POD idea because it creates more variety for families. Giving them more options in just one stop causes a larger percentage of people that will stop and buy.”

“I have always been artistic and for me, food is just another art form. For years, I have cooked for family business meetings and had realized that I really enjoyed when someone was full and complimented me on what I just made them. About 3 years ago, I decided to venture out of graphic design and began building my own food truck from a commercial delivery van. After about 8 months, I completed it and opened up Slyderz Grill.”

“This coming November we will be celebrating our 2nd year in business, and I still love it.”

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