Mary’s Pizza Shack

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Project Description

Charlew and Kathy Byerly, owners of Mary’s Pizza Shack, have always felt that pizza making should be kept simple, with its flavors being anything but that. They decided to take their Italian style pizza on-the-go with a food truck to bring the party to catering and events throughout Shasta and Tehama counties. The happily married couple is always on-site, with Kathy behind the register and Charlew managing the brick, wood-fired oven. This oven, which is right out of Italy, cooks pizza to perfection in just a couple of minutes. Kathy and Charlew’s passion for serving the best of the best radiates, creating a fun, charismatic atmosphere.  Their homemade dough and fresh ingredient recipes, passed down by Mary, Charlew’s Noni, will please your taste buds every time! Join them and you will feel like part of the familia while you wait for their wood-fired pizza, philly cheesesteaks, garlic or pesto fries and much more.

Marys Pizza Shack


  • Large Pizza
  • Pizza Slice
  • Garlic/Pesto Fries
  • Fries
  • Salad